Friday, October 28, 2011

Mood boosting 101 ;-)

Tired of everyone's moaning and groaning?  These few pointers might help you get through today:
  • In less than two months' time we're celebrating Christmas! If life's getting a bit too much at this stage, decorating your Christmas tree might just lift your spirits, getting you in the groove for the season of sharing and kindness.
  • It's silly season...which means that we have official permission to be, well, silly!
  • If you haven't noticed it - it's full-blown summer! Which means happy hour drinks, sun-filled days, pool parties, thunder storms and a feeling of 'it's actually a lovely day, why not getting up early'? (or am I pushing it a bit too far now?) ;-)
  •  It's okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed this time of year - it's the one time when you do fit in with the crowd.  The feeling is mutual.  Let's remind ourselves again that that well-deserved break (for most) is around the corner.
  • This week's 'bad and uglies' will probably be long forgotten next week.  Even if this is not the case - remember that there's always someone worse off than you.
None of these 'pointers' are anything new, I know - but hey, I'm looking for the silver lining of the dark cloud today.  Hope you do too!

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