Friday, October 14, 2011

(Gr)atitude is everything!

Does it ever happen to you that you feel sorry for yourself on a particular day?  Sometimes you know exactly what the reason(s) for this emotion are and other times you can't attribute this feeling to any particular event or cause. This 'sorry state of affairs' can sometimes hang in there for a while.  Until? Until you decide enough is enough already! 

I've been working very hard (as all of us do this time of year) the last couple of weeks, my husband is away for quite some time and things, in general, just went wrong.  More than enough reason for me to be 'sad sally'.  All of us go through phases in our life, some are more pleasant than others, true, but the other truth is that 'this too shall pass' - the bad or the ugly has a tendency to make way for the good again.

Luckily I've realised it today.  My experience is that it is the small things that we usually don't have time to attend to that does make the world's difference! My friend and I took the Gautrein to Sandton on Wednesday to spend some quality time over lunch, nothing spectacular according to anyone else's standards, but spectacular in terms of food for my soul.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend a day at a spa, again with two lovely ladies.  This just made me realise that we have to stand still every now and then, take the time that we believe we don't have to enjoy a moment, a conversation, an experience!

Attitude is the make or break factor when it comes to how we view and live our time on earth. Gratitude, to really count our blessings, enjoy the lighter side of life and appreciate the small things - is everything! 

Do you agree?

It's Friday - another reason to smile, dammit! (courtesy of 94.7 Highveld Stereo).

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