Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Create your own 'wake up and smell the coffee moment'

This is a difficult time of year for most. We're all running around frantically to be able to tick of the tasks on our never-ending to do lists. I've just realised yesterday that we should create a 'wake up and smell the coffee moment' for ourselves - at least once a day!

It does happen every now and then that other people create such a moment for you.  If you're in that fortunate position - embrace and enjoy the moment!  I was humbled by people's kindness and care yesterday, very unexpectedly, and it just made me realise again that we can easily loose the ability to see kindness and care when it is shared.  The scarier part is that if we're unable to see and experience it it becomes even more difficult to be kind and caring towards others.  And that should never happen!

So if no one else create a gratitude moment for you, create it yourself! The rich and creamy aroma might turn into an unpleasant odour if we don't wake up and smell the coffee when it's first presented.

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